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Marketing Services

SmartList Local Search Management

Consumers today have an extremely powerful tool and many businesses to choose from when making purchasing decisions. When searching online, they often determine whether or not they want to do business with you just by how your company shows up in their search results. Search engines rank businesses higher in search results if their business information is correct and consistent across the web. A carefully planned and executed local SEO strategy will help you show up when people are actively searching for your goods or services.

Increase your online visibility with our cost-effective local SEO program. SmartList gets your business information onto hundreds of publishers’ databases, ensuring all listings are accurate and consistent to maximize your presence in online maps, directories and in underlying organic search listings. Let EmbroidMe help with your local SEO campaign to help ensure your business is being found online.

SmartClick Pay-Per-Click

Many small business owners underestimate the benefits of a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign as a result they are missing out on an opportunity to grow their business online by advertising to those that are searching specifically for their goods or services.

We offer a ROI-driven paid advertising platform that makes running PPC across all of the major search engines feasible and effective. SmartClick can track your PPC campaign’s phone calls, emails, form fills and other web events in addition to the keywords that generated them to ensure the most qualified leads are captured. SmartClick automatically optimizes for keywords that are generating conversions, so you can spend your advertising dollars more wisely. To learn more about our PPC advertising platform.

SmartRep Review & Reputation Management

Your company’s online reputation precedes you when it comes to the customer’s purchase decision. In a matter of seconds, prospective customers are able to access hundreds of reviews and opinions about your business. Additionally, search engines such as Google now rank businesses with positive reviews higher in the search results. What does your online reputation say about your business?

Our review and reputation management software allows you to take control of your online reputation and will help you build and maintain positive online reviews. SmartRep boasts a user-friendly dashboard that puts all of your reviews in one place, allowing you to easily connect with customers and respond to reviews 24/7. Through branded email or text message, your customers are contacted and asked to leave a review. You are informed immediately of any negative reviews so you can respond and address the situation before it is published online. Positive reviews are automatically published to numerous review sites and social media channels, immediately growing your brand’s positive reputation. These customer reviews can be a useful tool to drive sales and increase conversions in your paid advertising campaigns.