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Coming together as a team to face challenges means more than ever in the healthcare industry. Let EmbroidMe help you create effective brand messaging that will bring your team together and set you apart from your competitors. Look sharp and earn the respect you deserve within your community.

Logos Unify Your Team

Cultivate an atmosphere of enthusiasm, professionalism and teamwork with crisp, white lab coats and comfortable, colorful scrubs in a variety of styles.  Clearly display your logo and brand name on your custom decorated medical apparel.
Custom Prescribed Programs

Motivate your staff and make your patients feel welcome with promotional products. With the EmbroidMe Partnership Process, you can build your very own promotional program. One of our specialists can help you design and create the perfect program for you with our simple eight-step process.

Giveaways to Promote Your Brand

Reach out to your community. Brand awareness instills trust in your healthcare services. Trendy promotional giveaways can put you above the competition and foster a sense of pride. Help your patients feel at home with great products.

Individual Consideration

In our increasingly automated society customers appreciate personal attention more than ever. Badges and nametags personally identify your staff to help build rapport with patients and make them feel safe and secure. Partner with EmbroidMe for the highest level of quality and detailed service.